Monkeyflower Ranch Natural Meats




Due to the drought and the high cost of feed, we are not raising any lambs for meat this year, other than for the Adopt-A-Ewe program.

Lamb from Monkeyflower Ranch is naturally raised. No antibiotics, hormones or chemical wormers are used; garlic juice and rotational grazing are utilized for parasite control. The lambs are fed on fresh pasture, alfalfa hay and spent organic grain from Santa Cruz Mountain Brewing. At slaughter time they are an average of 6-8 months old. Our lamb is incredibly mild and tender, with none of the gamey "lamby" flavor.

Monkey Flower Ranch Ewe

Monkeyflower Ranch spotty


All-natural pork from animals raised free-range on Monkeyflower Ranch. No antibiotics, hormones or steroids—just fresh-air, sunshine, and lots of good fresh feed. Our Gloucester Old Spot-Tamworth cross pigs are fed whey and cheese waste from our dairy, as well as organic brewers grain, hay, and fresh fruits and vegetables from local farms. The pork dresses out at 80-90 lbs. per side. $5/lbs. hanging weight. Cut and wrap cost paid separately to butcher.


We have our pork available by the cut at a
number of our farmers market stalls!