Aged Cheeses



Black-Eyed Susan is raw sheep cheese aged for 4-6 months. The flavor is very fruity and buttery, with a nice tang and a rich flavorful finish. Black-eyed Susan goes well with figs and honey, salami and brown ale.

2012 Good Food Awards Gold Winner

2014 American Cheese Society winner 3rd place-- Cheddar made from goat’s, sheep’s, buffalo’s, or mixed milk


Moonflower is raw sheep cheese aged for 4-6 months. During aging it develops a washed rind which gives it a lovely orange color. It has a smooth texture, with a salty caramel flavor and a hint of pungency at the finish. It pairs well with cherries and Zinfandel.

2015 Good Food Awards Finalist


Hollyhock is a raw sheep cheese aged for at least 8 months. The extra aging gives Hollyhock a full, rich flavor and a smooth texture. It is mildly tangy and reminiscent of brown butter and roasted pistachios. Dates, brown bread and a full-flavor red wine pair nicely with Hollyhock.

2010 American Cheese Society winner 3rd Place--Aged Sheep Cheese
2012 Good Food Awards Gold Winner

2014 Good Food Awards Finalist


Daffodil is a raw milk sheep cheese aged 10 to 12 months. It is an Edam-style cheese with a dense texture and rich butterscotch flavor. This cheese is excellent for dessert.


Cosmos is a raw sheep milk feta aged in brine for over 60 days. Sheep’s milk makes a rich and creamy feta which stands up well to the intense saltiness. It is delicious sprinkled over cucumbers, red onions, and fresh tomatoes or mixed into warm pasta with artichoke hearts and sundried tomatoes.

2012 American Cheese Society winner 3rd Place—Sheep Milk Feta

2014 American Cheese Society winner 2nd Place -- Sheep Milk Feta